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Corrupted Hood of the Mothbinder
Dota 2
Death ProphetCorrupted Hood of the Mothbinder
Type: Mythical head
Market price: ~0.07 USD
Used By: Death Prophet
Mothbinder's Omen
Hood of the Mothbinder
Skirt of the Mothbinder
Bracelets of the Mothbinder
Dim though it has become, the spark of life that holds fast within the heart of the Death Prophet blazes like a signal beacon in the endless darkness of death's abyss, beckoning all manner of feasting shades that long to taste the essence of the animate world.
Demons Imprisoned: 0
Foulfell Shard
CSGO Items
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
CSGO Items
Polar Bear //
Check the steam market the skin is worth around 100 usd send me a direct offer!
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