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Inscribed Muh Keen Gun
Dota 2
SniperInscribed Muh Keen Gun
Type: Immortal Rifle
Market price: ~3.19 USD
Used By: Sniper
The International 2014
Not content to kill things one bullet at a time, Sniper commissioned the best gunsmith in the land to construct him a firearm worthy of his talented trigger finger. Lovingly designed and crafted with all the skill and attention to detail befitting a master smithy of the keen, the weapon that resulted is truly one for the ages. It's a bit on the heavy side, true, but not when balanced against the weight of corpses it will produce. Hernia not included.
Headshots: 2125
Inscribed Gem
Games Watched: 0
Muh Keen Gun
Kinetic Gem
CSGO Items
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
CSGO Items
[OPSKINS] Bot #0623 /
Im looking to trade this dota2 item! Muh keen gun price: $3.17 It has gem aswell! Add me for discuss!
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