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Wealthy Voidstream Ekho
Wealthy Voidstream Ekho
Type: Mythical Ekho Skin
Channeling a connection to the void.

Mythical Effects:

When equipped this applies the Voidstream appearance to the Ekho in-game.
Local Hero
Team Fortress 2
Local Hero
Civilian Grade Pistol (Factory New)
Teufort Collection
War Room Minigun
Bovine Blazemaker Flame Thrower
Bogtrotter Sniper Rifle
Earth, Sky and Fire Flame Thrower
Treadplate Tormenter SMG
Team Sprayer SMG
Spruce Deuce Scattergun
Hickory Hole-Puncher Pistol
Rooftop Wrangler Stickybomb Launcher
Civil Servant Medi Gun
✔ Local Hero Pistol
Mayor Revolver
Smalltown Bringdown Rocket Launcher
Citizen Pain Minigun
Civic Duty Shotgun
The Surgical Survivalist
Team Fortress 2
The Surgical Survivalist
Type: Level 6 Cosmetic Item
Market price: ~0.34 USD
Mercenary Grade Cosmetic Item
Mayflower Cosmetics Collection
Bedouin Bandana
The Dead Head
The Dayjogger
Dad Duds
Patriot's Pouches
The Lurking Legionnaire
Gauzed Gaze
Herald's Helm
Scoped Spartan
The Airdog
Squire's Sabatons
✔ The Surgical Survivalist
The Demo's Dustcatcher
Courtly Cuirass
Aqua Marine
Team Fortress 2
Aqua Marine
Mercenary Grade Rocket Launcher (Battle Scarred)
Powerhouse Collection
Liquid Asset Stickybomb Launcher
Thunderbolt Sniper Rifle
Current Event Scattergun
Pink Elephant Stickybomb Launcher
Shell Shocker Rocket Launcher
Flash Fryer Flame Thrower
Spark of Life Medi Gun
Dead Reckoner Revolver
Black Dahlia Pistol
Sandstone Special Pistol
Brick House Minigun
✔ Aqua Marine Rocket Launcher
Low Profile SMG
Turbine Torcher Flame Thrower
Lightning Rod Shotgun
Mann Co. Supply Crate Key
Team Fortress 2
Mann Co. Supply Crate Key
Type: Tool
Market price: ~2.41 USD
Rolxy /
just need keys quick
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