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Deep Vault Guardian Spine
Dota 2
SlardarDeep Vault Guardian Spine
Type: Uncommon Fins
Market price: ~0.04 USD
Used By: Slardar
Arms of the Deep Vault Guardian
Deep Vault Guardian Spine
Deep Vault Guardian Headfin
Deep Vault Guardian Trident
Deep Vault Guardian Armplates
A guardian's spinal display serves as an identifier to his peers, and a warning to his foes.
Assistant's Respirator
Dota 2
AlchemistAssistant's Respirator
Type: Rare Ogre Mask and Saddle
Market price: ~0.07 USD
Used By: Alchemist
Alchemy Essentials
Assistant's Respirator
Assistant's Cutter
Assistant's Blades of Scientific Inquiry
Experimentalist's Laboratory Essentials
Experimentalist's Goggles
Experimentalist's Unstable Flask
Assistant's Muscle Pump
This mask is not meant to keep toxic gasses out, it's meant to keep them in!
Admiral's Stash
Dota 2
KunkkaAdmiral's Stash
Type: Common belt
Market price: ~0.03 USD
Used By: Kunkka
Armaments of Leviathan
Admiral's Foraged Cap
Admiral's Stash
Claddish Gauntlets
Claddish Guard
Claddish Hightops
Neptunian Sabre
Admiral's Salty Shawl
Ye Olde Pipe
The keys that hang from this belt are said to unlock the gates of the Keen capital, the prisons of his fleet, countless treasure chests that lie inside the hull of his majestic ship "Mighty Leviathan" ... and terrifying secrets that lie deep at the bottom of the sea.
CSGO Items
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
CSGO Items
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