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BR: Vigilante Crate
H1Z1: King of the Kill
BR: Vigilante Crate
Type: Crate
Market price: ~2.22 USD
This contains skins for various types of items you find in the world. These skins are not consumed and will not be lost on death. This contains one of the following:

Police Slacks
Aqua Paisley Shorts
Dragon Conveys
Flaming Skull Tanktop
Guns Out Tanktop
Bone Leggings
Fanged Gloves
D.O.A. Hoodie
Stars and Stripes Shorts
Police Hat
Anarchy Leather Pants
Muscle Leggings
Police Shirt
Black and Orange Athletic Hoodie
Rasta Backpack
or an Ultra Rare Item!
Any key
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Any key
Any key
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